Hello Dog lovers!

Call all dog lovers!

     My first post…. this has to be a good one…. I think I am going to tell you about the Northstar Foundation. As I told you in my “About me” section, I raise and train future service dogs. I work with a Foundation that breeds them and sends the pups off to separate places. This foundation began in 2000 and they have successfully place over a hundred dogs to kids with autism or other emotional disorders.

     It has recently been proven that dogs drastically reduce the number of behavioral problems with kids on the autism spectrum. This Foundation focuses on kids and help mainly kids with autism.

    My job is to socialize these puppies. I get them at about 13 weeks and the length of time that I have them really differs. But I always start with house training and these dogs are so wicked smart that it doesn’t take to long! After we do sit, down, stay, come and we always doing something fun like… roll over, spin, paw or even play dead! I am currently on my fourth puppy, 8 months and she is a golden retriever. Northstar mostly breeds golden retrievers but also does labs and border collies.

    Northstar is run solely on donations so please go to their website, learn more about them and click the donation button! www.northstardogs.com

    I do have one more favor, please comment and let me know what you would like me to discuss. I will talk about anything dog related!

Good night! ~ Savannah and Lucy


Hello world!

     My name is Savannah and they call me… the dog whisperer…. the real one!

     I am 18, a senior in high school and I love dogs. I wish that I could express how much I love them but… it’s not possible. I am doing this blog to share the things that I know and the things that I learn on my adventures. I currently foster and train puppies, after their time with me they will go on to further their training and all of them become service dogs for kids with autism, emotional disorders or veterans with post traumatic stress disorder. Cool huh? I love what I do and I hope to share and teach you a ton of stuff.